Make a purchase

How to make a purchase

  1. Access to website at URL : on web browser.
  2. Click to Login button for login to the system. If you not registered yet, Please click to Register button for process.
  3. Insert Username and Password for Login to system.
  4. The system will show My Account page. After that, Please select plan as you want to purchase then click to Buy Now button.
  5. The system will show plan detail page. After that, Please select number of agent then click to SUBSCRIBE button.
  6. The system will show Purchase order confirmation page.  Please verify all detail then click to Next button.
  7. The system will show Site name page. Please specify your site name then click to Next button.
  8. The system will show your purchase detail page. Please click to Next button.
  9. The system will show payment page.  Please select check box at Terms and Condition  Then click to PAY NOW button.
  10. 10.The system will show order detail page. Please click to Pay via 2C2P button for into payment page.
  11. The system will show payment page. Please enter Global Card information then click to CONTINUE PAYMENT button.
  12. The system will show verified OTP page. Please enter OTP then click to Process button.
  13. The system will show transaction is successful page and when you click BACK TO MERCHANT button, The system will show all detail of your purchased.
  14. The system will send email to you for confirm the completion of the purchase and payment in subject as below.
  • RECEIPT FOR YOUR PAYMENT TO Netka System Co., Ltd.
  • Your NSDX TEST Order is now complete
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