How to Register NSDX Free Trial

  1. Access to website at URL : on web browser.
  2. Click Free Trial
  3. The system will open the registration page, please insert information as below
    Name : Insert name
    Email address : Insert email address Phone number : Insert telephone number Your preferred site name : Insert your site name Voucher code : Insert Voucher code
  4. When you have filled the information, please click to Sign up button.
  5. The system will create your site and send detail of URL, User and Password to your email.
  6. Please check your email at subject “Your NSDX SaaS Ready”.  You will find all detail for access to the system.
  7. If can access to the system normally, It will complete the process of registering NSDX Free Trial.

Contact Sales

Call : +662-517-4993-4

E-mail :,

Working Hours

  • Monday – Friday
  • From 9:00 – 18:00 hrs.
  • Time Zone GMT+7